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Learning how to effectively remove and prevent rust stains from damaging your vinyl floors will save you time, money and conserve the appearance of your floors. Although vinyl flooring is relatively easy to maintain, some homeowners may forget to care and clean the floors, which is what causes rust to develop. Although there are various rust removing methods available, not all are as effective at removing and preventing rust stains from forming in the future.

Tile Inc. has the key steps to conquer and remove those pesky rust stains from your vinyl floors to keep your flooring gleaming.

How To Remove the Rust Stains 

To start the rust removal process, you need to ensure you have the following items:

  • A 5% oxalic acid solution
  • Household cleaner
  • Large bowl or a bucket

Step 1

Take the oxalic acid solution and sprinkle a small amount of it over the stain. Ensure that when you use this solution, there are no children or pets near as this acid is poisonous.

Step 2

Spray the household cleaning solution onto the oxalic acid to help aid in the rust stain removal.

Step 3

Place the large bowl or bucket over the acid and cleaning solution to prevent the fumes from permeating the air. Ensure you’ve ventilated the area well prior to removing the bucket from the stain.

Step 4

Allow the solution to stay on the stain for about one hour, then rinse and remove the solution with clean water.

How To Prevent Rust Stains In the Future

By maintaining and keeping your vinyl floors properly cleaned, you can avoid the rust stain removal process altogether. Your vinyl floors should be treated with proper finishes and treatments for your specific flooring type. To prevent rust stains from forming, use the following tips:

  • Avoid using metal nails when installing the vinyl floors, as metal rusts very easily. When you hire our professional flooring company in London, Ontario, our experts always ensure the effective, efficient and meticulous vinyl flooring installation to ensure its longevity and avoid rust.
  • Avoid having water splash on the floor or remain on the floor without being cleaned promptly.
  • Keep the kitchen faucet on low when using it to avoid water droplets from splashing from the sink onto the floor.
  • Keep all rain-soaked coats, shoes and bags away from the vinyl flooring and keep them in a completely another area of the home whenever possible.


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