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Synthetic vinyl flooring was not associated with luxury for a long time. It was considered durable, economical, easy-to-install but rather ordinary in their choice of colours and patterns. But things change as technology develops. Now, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) has entered the market and suddenly challenged more premium options. 

Today, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most popular and racing ahead of the others with realistic 3D printing technology in its tiles that resemble ceramic and stone installations but do not require a backer board and thinset. They just need to be glued down; they are available in floating installation options. 

They have a high-performance wear layer, are moisture and chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, have built-in soundproofing and many other qualities that add value to your property. If you are considering a renovation project, even in a multi-million dollar condo, you may want to consider luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Here are a few more reasons why:

Dynamic and Durable

Vinyl planks are a far cry from yesterday’s patterns. Thanks to a dramatic advancement in technology, it’s hard to distinguish vinyl from high-end hardwood and tiles anymore. Some of them are made of 75% natural elements like limestone and just 25% vinyl. Patterns cover all varieties of hardwood from pine, oak, maple, walnut and teak look and stone look-alikes such as marble, granite, travertine, and slate. The difference is that while hardwood and tile are not durable, vinyl flooring is water, heat and stain-resistant, and safe for high traffic areas.

Composition and Quality

Vinyl tiles that look like stone contain natural minerals, sometimes more in proportion than vinyl, which need grout to hold them together. Not only do they look realistic but are more natural in composition. The shape of the planks and tiles are more realistic too. Traditional vinyl tiles were in standard square 12” X 12” or 16” X16” sizes. Now the planks are in long, narrow shapes, typically 7” wide by 48” long lengths. 

The dimensions are thicker, with more realistic imaging and deeper embossing. There are four layers to their thickness from scratch-resistant aluminum oxide on the top to clear film to protect against rips and tears, photo-realistic designs and solid, durable backing layer lining the bottom that comprises 90% of the thickness.

High-End Feel

Luxury vinyl planks range in price from $2 per square foot to about $6 for high-end vinyl flooring. The thickness ranges from 10 millimetres to 12 millimetres so they feel comfortable and stable beneath your feet. This also means they are more high-end and expensive.

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